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Will A Phone Psychic Really Understand Your Problems?

Reading Palms

Many palm readers require personal meetings with clients in order to perform a phone psychic reading, so this method does not often occur during a phone conversation. Essentially, a palm reader studies the hand in order to obtain intuitive information about someone’s life from the lines in the skin. This ancient form of psychic reading remains popular in many places around the world.

Remote Psychic Reading

Probably the most popular form of telephone psychic reading, remote readers sense intuitive impressions about people from a distance. Many of these individuals reportedly use spirit guides to assist them in obtaining information. The famous psychic Sylvia Browne reported in a video posted on YouTube and in her books that she often relied upon a spirit guide she believed had previously lived a life as a Mayan Indian during the 1600s.

Phone Psychic & Tarot Readings

Reading Tarot Cards

Some psychic readers use Tarot Cards to obtain information during a psychic reading. This method works effectively for many readers during telephone appointments; others require in-person Tarot Card reading sessions. The Tarot Card Deck resembles a regular deck of playing cards, but includes a fifth suite of specially illustrated cards. Readers using this method may also rely upon numerology, a process associated with the metaphysical meaning of numbers, in obtaining information.

Reading I Ching Cards

Developed in China, the I Ching, or Book of Changes, today enjoys wide acceptance as an oracle. Steeped in principles of Yin and Yang, this material seeks to illuminate the process of change through the use of trigrams and hexagrams. Psychics conducting telephone readings may utilize the symbols to gain intuitive information remotely.

Studying Astrological Charts

Some psychic readers base telephone readings upon astrological charts compiled by themselves or by astrologers. They may seek this information in advance of an initial appointment.


People who engage in scrying gain psychic impressions by staring into reflective surfaces, such as crystal balls or mirrors. This technique assists some psychic readers in gaining intuitive information remotely.

Two: Prepare Your Questions

Thinking about issues in your life that concern you and writing down questions to raise during your reading may prove helpful. Not all telephone psychic readers permit questions, but many do. By committing your questions to written form, you’ll ensure that you don’t forget to raise key concerns during the reading.

Three: Take Notes

Taking notes during your telephone psychic reading will help you remember important details. Not all psychic readers consent to the recording of phone readings, but you can take handwritten notes without difficulty. Certain information you hear during the reading may only make sense at a later date, so detailed notes usually prove helpful.

Will A Phone Psychic Really Understand Your Problems?
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