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The Unexplainable Wonders of the Human Mind: Psychic Abilities

A psychic is described as a person who has the special ability to look into the future, since things, hear things and see things that other people can’t. Psychic phone readings 24/7 is all about having the sixth sense, ESP or extrasensory perception, or Psi which is the ability wherein people can understand things through a paranormal perspective. Parapsychology refers to the study of these psychic abilities.

Every single person in the world has psychic abilities. However, in most cases, the person does not know about his or her unique psychic ability. The ability lies dormant or sleeping inside the person. There are some people who use their psychic abilities more, allowing them to use a greater part of their brain wherein analytical skills and intuition are greatly heightened. Psychics and believers maintain that man has the capacity to predict the future, to heal other people by use of the mind and to communicate with spirits and other elemental beings.

Gut responses and hunches are all forms of psychic abilities. A person may not know it, but he or she is using and exercising his or her psychic ability when following a hunch or a gut feel. It’s the tightening of the area below the person’s stomach, informing the person that something is about to go wrong. It is a normal human response to impending danger. It’s intuition and being able to understand things and learn things faster and more concretely. It is those little unexplainable occurrences in life where an ordinary person just knows what’s coming, or that something is about to happen. Whenever these strange things happen, it can leave people feeling confused and possibly bewildered, but these occurrences are perfectly natural. Psychic abilities, just like other abilities can be improved and perfected.

The following are some popular types of psychic abilities:

Channeling: Channeling is a type of psychic ability which enables people to receive information from outside sources which may be supernatural or preternatural.

Clairsentience: Clairsentience refers to the psychic ability wherein the person becomes aware of things from the present, the past or the future based on feelings.

Automatic Writing: This is an ability wherein the person begins writing with the subconscious mind acting. The subconscious mind is guided by some unknown external source.

Clairaudience: Clairaudience is the psychic ability wherein a person is able to hear and understand sounds which other people cannot hear.

Psychometrics: Psychometrics is the ability wherein a person automatically understands another person or an object through mere touch.

Telepathy: Telepathy describes the psychic ability of a person to talk to another person without saying anything out loud. It’s communication through the person’s mind.

Psychokinesis: This describes the ability wherein a person can move objects through mere thought.

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance describes the psychic ability of a person to foretell future events or state a prophecy.

Intuition: Intuition refers to the natural ability of man to understand things faster or simply put, intuitive knowing.

The Unexplainable Wonders of the Human Mind: Psychic Abilities
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