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Day: August 19, 2019

Promotional Products That Work

From Promo Pens To Programs – Get Your Marketing Plan Going In Charlotte

Many deals start off as a simple writing instrument sale. After all, who doesn’t want cheap promo pens? Contact IMP-Media products promotion, North Carolina. It’s the up-sell, though, where promotional products distributors can make big money. Here are five promotional programs that can be built off a single pen.

Successful promotion starts with one great product, and often it’s a writing instrument. Think about it. Almost every successful branding program or giveaway includes a pen, whether it’s for a local business, corporate event, or national retail campaign. And there’s good reason for it: nothing works as efficiently at reinforcing a message as a writing instrument.

What’s most special about them – and what people often overlook – is the way they can turn a promotional sale into a program. They are the proverbial foot in the door; the test product and staging area for the next great slogan or logo. What other product is better suited for the job?

Writing instruments are inexpensive and easily imprinted, are available in an unlimited number of styles and colors, never go out of style and – most importantly – are useful to everyone who receives them. They don’t just round out a program. They are the seed from which a program can grow.

In the pages that follow, we present some product ideas that can be used to up-sell a client who’s considering a pen. Broken into five different programs – ranging from safety and educational to golf tournaments and sales incentives – these cheap promotional products are perfectly suited to help turn your pen sale into a program sale that garners double and triple the profit.

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